I was approached by Ginger the singer of the greatest Rock n Roll band in the world, The Wildhearts, about painting the cover for their new album.

After discussing and designing some album concepts, I went ahead and painted this huge painting of the band….which looks amazing….








The Wildhearts Live In The Studio DVD Cover
The Wildhearts have released a new DVD, "Live In The Studio: A Film By Tim Smith", on October 20 2008 via Round Records
Check out the entertaining DVD trailer on YouTube  
'Ive always fuck'in hated paintings of me ! But this one is fucking awsome ! '


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CD - Album Art Work 


 hits the stores April 2007 
















Drawn and painted using a simple 

black and gray building up layers of tone. 





The original Photography sent to me by Ginger - I manipulated the image using photos-hop, then blew it up   to a large scale, projecting the image onto a canvas drawing out the light and dark tonal areas.

Creating this stunning (yet simple) work of art.

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Pin Badges


New Flesh - Single - 2007




'The Art Works'
April 2007




 'Photo Ripped from wildhearts.com, and slightly edited'
Oringinal quote sent via e.mail to -finn-


CONCEPTS and IDEAS for the album cover.



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Gig @ the Carling Academy 2007 - I got to sign posters of my art work - fucking awsome !!!! 
- and sign 'on' some of the hardcore fans -





may issue of classic rock, art work advertised inside.
(go and buy it)
 KERRANG 21st APRIL 2007



Wildhearts website  







Japanese copy